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E-marketing Communication

Based on the e-Privacy Directive and the various local European laws governing companies' use of electronic marketing (e-marketing), the measures that GMH has implemented to comply with this European regulation are specified below.

Who is responsible for electronic marketing (e-marketing) process you are receiving?

The responsible is Gonvarri Material Handling AS with postal address Østensjøveien 27, 0661 Oslo and email address

What kind of marketing communications will you receive from GMH?

The person concerned will receive emails regarding offers, information on new GMH products or their associated brands related to industrial storage and shelving. The email will always include the tag “[MARKETING]” in the subject.

How is the personal data processed involved in the GMH e-marketing process?

The personal data collected and used for electronic marketing purposes has been collected in compliance with the GDPR. You can find more information about this processing here and in the GMH privacy policy.

What is the legal basis for the GMH e-marketing process?

For these electronic marketing communications, the legal basis and foundation would be found in the consent obtained from the person concerned with the acceptance of this notification on the GMH website (opt-in principle).

There are the following exceptions for which GMH does not require specific consent to send marketing communications:

  • the e-marketing message is sent to existing customers of GMH and is related to same products/services as previously purchased.
  • the electronic message is sent to legal person (e.g.

The person concerned can always unsubscribe from GMH e-marketing messages by using the opt-out link at the bottom of every email marketing communication they receive from GMH.

How long you will receive GMH marketing communications?

The person concerned will receive GMH communications until they unsubscribe by using the opt-out in the following link.

Will I receive e-marketing communications from a third party on behalf of GMH?

GMH will in no case share data for marketing campaigns with a third party, or sell, let or allow third parties to contact a person concerned directly.

How I can contact GMH?

The person concerned can contact GMH marketing department in the following ways:

Postal address: Gonvarri Matrial Handling (Constructor Group UK Ltd), Murdock Road, Dorcan, Swindon, United Kingdom, SN3 5HY